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Need help in finding the edges of the sketch

Question asked by Dmitry Novikov on Apr 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by John Stoltzfus

Hello everybody. Guys help please. I'm writing "AddIn Dll program" on C # for SolidWorks. Suppose there is some sketch in the form of a circle (1). It is required to pass consistently along the coordinates (for example x, y) with some step "A" (Scheme 3 shows the method of passing through the coordinates.) Figure 2 shows the application of the method of passage 3). If at the current step we crossed our sketch, then put a point on the sketch and write its coordinates in a text file.

(Explanation to the picture: the blue arrows showed the way of passage, and in red it showed the points of the sketch edges, which must be placed at the intersection with the sketch of the circle and write the coordinates into a text file).

And thus, having passed all the way on the sketch according to the specified scheme, you should get a text file with the extreme points of the sketch. Can you tell me how to implement this? Can anyone have had experience or someone realized an analagic task ?.


Attached to the question is a picture (with a sketch passage scheme and the necessary final result) for a more complete understanding of the question.