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Using Smart Mates With Reference Sketches

Question asked by Allen Renfroe on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Allen Renfroe

I've created a 3d sketch part with no features added, then I made this 3d sketch-part the base part of an assembly.  I"d like to add cylindrical parts to the assembly using the 3d sketch as my centerlines, and I want to use Smart-Mates, however Smart-Mates don't seem to work when you're mating to a sketch.  If this sounds like a piping system to you, then you're right.  And maybe you think it would be an easy solution if I were using SolidWorks-Routing, but I don't have this tool.  I'm using SolidWorks-Standard - Am I doing it wrong?  Is there a way to use Smart-Mates with reference sketches?