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Cut List via Document Management API has "additional" items not in the model??

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Apr 7, 2017

We are using SW2014 SP5.


We have a peculiarity with a weldment part and are wondering if anyone else has seen similar?


I created a number of weldment parts for a project (A). After creating the first part, I made copies and modified to create the others which were very similar. Time goes by and a whole new project (B) requires a very similar set of weldments. Again, I copied each of the parts from Project A and modified. All worked as expected on the SolidWorks side.


We have an in-house developed database and we import SW data via the Document Management API. One of the things we capture is the cut list items from weldments. We have one weldment part from Project B (Outrigger), that when interrogated by the DM API returns a cut list array containing a number of additional items that link back to a different Project A part (NOT the Project A Outrigger). This is the first time we have seen anything like this. Anyone else? Thoughts?


Looking at the offending part in SW (Project B Outrigger); Find References shows no links, the cut list shows only the bodies expected, the weldment path 3D sketch contains only the line segments defining the outrigger. I can find no reference back to the Project A Tower part whose cut list items are showing up in the DM API.


My best guess is that along the trail of copied and modified parts SW did not complete a proper house cleaning "under the hood" and these artifacts have come along for the ride. From a SW point of view they are causing no issues. No amount of forced rebuilding, cut list edits, sketch edits, or other manipulation seems to clear these out. And of all the weldment part files that were copied and modified between the two projects, only the one is affected and the affect only presents itself through the DM API call to retrieve cut list items.


Any input would  be appreciated.


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