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If your "add sheet" option is not duplicating your Activated sheet, this worked for me.

Question asked by Jack Meherq on Apr 7, 2017
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Hey all


Didn't really know where to put this but it is a problem I'm sure someone else will have.


Recently I was trying to add sheets to a draw file but they were just adding old versions of my sheet formats in my current sheet template.  I solved this by:


1)opening my templates (make sure they are *.slddot files)

2)right click the sheet on the and click properties

3)Either browse and find your correct sheet format or click the correct sheet format in the selection box (see image)


4)Once selected click OK and save sheet format.  You can use the same file If you was, SolidWorks will ask if you want to replace existing file and just click ok.


5) Test Add Sheet by right clicking your current sheet and clicking properties.  Your sheet format should be the one you want.

6) If all is good than just delete that newly added sheet so your template doesn't have 2 sheet add just do a normal save.  The template will update.


If using an old file just swap sheet formats.  This wont have any affects on you view.  The scale might change to the updated sheet format but that can be fixed by going in to properties and manually adjusting it to the correct one.