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Workflow with Parallel Transition with Users in Multiple Groups

Question asked by Andrew Cuevas on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Sameer Panse

I have an issue trying to implement parallel transition into my workflow. Apparently, the issue comes up because I have users who are in multiple approval groups. My example is as such:

  • My drawing requires 4 approvals from 4 different groups. The first group is: Checker group. Second group is: REA group. Third group is: Review group. Fourth group is: QA group.
  • I have multiple users who are both in the REA and Review group. I call them "multi-group users".
  • In certain situations I need one of the those "multi-group users" to approve only as REA, in other situations, I may need them to only approve as Review.
  • However, when I try to implement parallel transitions, EPDM has problems when applying the rubber stamp variable (i.e. user data) for the REA and Review slot on my drawing template because one of the users who approved is both in the REA and Review group. It will strangely print that users rubber stamp variable (i.e. user data) in the REA signature slot, but it will put that users approval date (i.e. date) in the Review signature date slot. This is not good.




How can I restrict certain "multi-group users" to only approve for the one approval slot that I want them to approve for, either the REA or Review slot, and still maintain parallel transition?