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2016, SP4, Win10: How do I share custom materials with group or keep them when Solidworks is reinstalled?

Question asked by Dennis Parr on Apr 6, 2017

Our IT group recently upgraded me to a Win10 machine. I copied the material file from my old machine and copied to the install folder but all my custom materials are still gone. I've started recreating the lost custom materials. I really need to share this with our workgroup. I added some custom materials, then copied the file to a network location. Then in options I set the file location for material databases. The problem I'm having is Solidworks won't let me move the network location up in the list. As a result it keeps defaulting to the install location. Which means I can't share with the group.

On my Win7 box I was able to move our network locations to the top of the list and delete the local path. But after the new install on the Win10 box, I see now either I was never looking at the network copy, or as I suspect here, I can't get Solidworks to stop looking at the local file.