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    Simplified assemblies or shrink wrap functionality?

    Otis Clapp

      I have been digging through the forum looking for answers to this question and I have seen a good chunk of answers, but most are from five years ago.  I am using SolidWorks 2017.


      I would like to take a complex assembly and make a featureless version of it.  Preferably the featureless version would be tied to the original assembly so that when I change it the simplified version updates along side it. 


      I have a couple of reasons for wanting this.


      1) So my large assemblies can be made significantly lighter weight by replacing feature heavy sub-assemblies with their light weight counterpart.  This is particularly bad with imported components from stl, igs, and inventor parts and I would love to not have my machine melt every time I try to manipulate my top level assembly.

      2) So when I am sending clients models I can limit what they see (proprietary stuff) yet leave them with enough information that they can place my components (remove all features on the inside... maybe with planes to close off openings).


      Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Dennis Dohogne

          You have a few options that will get you some of what you desire.


          To send the customer correct geometry for interfacing you can send a dumb solid.  You can also save out the assembly as a part file and keep only the exterior surfaces.  These will not be parametric so if something changes then you would have to generate another updated version of the dumb solid to send to the customer.


          You can use Insert Part for some situations.  I use this for machining a casting where the casting part is inserted into another part file for me to do the cuts on for the particular machined version.  If the casting changes then the machined part file is changed, but I cannot change the casting from the machining file.  This is really handy for not only castings, but also for overmolding and die casting.


          There are others items that might be of some benefit to your efforts such as SpeedPak, but you'll have to read up on that or contact Alin Vargatu as he sounds like quite the expert on that subject.

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            Kevin Pymm



            You could try looking at the Defeature tool.