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How to download old versions / service packs of Solidworks without active subscription?

Question asked by Samuel Keller on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Martin Wsk

Dear Community

We had an active commercial subscription for Solidworks Professional, but end of 2014 we decided to terminate the subscription due to financial constraints. However, we are still using Solidworks actively, and are planning to renew the subscription once we can afford it.

Now I want to re-install Solidworks on one of our machines. I have the DVDs of Solidworks 2015, but I don't have the installer of SP1, which is the latest version we are allowed to use, and which we are using on the other machines.

The Solidworks Customer portal does not allow me to download anything without an active subscription.

Any one here knows how I can download the missing Service Pack?

I am thankful for any help!