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Saving SLDASM as one chunk STEP-file

Question asked by Rudi Coolen on Apr 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Rudi Coolen

As I have been struggling for some weeks now I am just asking it here.

Is there a way to save a solidworks assembly as a STEP-file that exists only out of one chunk?

I just wonder why there is an option for IGES/STL-files ("Save all components of an assembly in one file") and ACIS-files ("Write multi body part into a single ACIS body") but there is no such option for STEP-files.

We have detailed assemblies and rather not share these with our customers (they want only STEP).

The STEP files that we have been creating (by saving into parts (exterior faces/components combinations) first than into STEP or any other way) are still full of all components and besides that the filesize is getting too big to send by mail.

All help is appreciated.