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    GetFirstFilePosition() & GetFirstSubFolderPosition() returns IsNull = True

    Cory Adamson

      Hi All,

      I'm new to the SW API.  I'm having issues with the documentation as there is nowhere (that I can find) that gives me a list of dependencies of a particular object to work with. Perhaps someone can steer me in the right direction. (i.e. like what are all the objects I have access to for "RootFolder")  

      I am trying to access RootFolder.GetFirstFilePosition() and it is returning IsNull = True and therefore not giving me any folders returned.,  Anyone know why this would return null?  Do i have to set  a view first?   If so, how would I do that? Is there permissions that I may have problems with? My licence that I am logging in with is view only.


      One catch is I am using PHP to interface through the "COM" function.  From what I have read, it should work fine.

      I've been able to login successfully with username and password using ConisioLib.EdmVault

      based in this example: EPDM API: PHP Example – ehcanadian Consulting Inc.  


      I simply want to login and list all of the folders/files in the vault for now.