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Please help, computer performance seems slow

Question asked by Brian Hill on Dec 10, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2008 by Jim Zink
Hi everyone,

I am new to the SolidWorks discussion forums. I have been very unimpressed with the performance of my computer for the past couple of months and now that I looked in this forum and found the benchmark test I have a reason to think my computer is slow. I have a dual boot computer and I ran the bench mark on XP x64 and Vista x64. I have SolidWorks 2009 SP1 on both operating systems. I got a time of 138 seconds on XP x64 and a time of 140 seconds on Vista x64. The specs on my computer are shown below in my signature and based on my computer specs I was expecting a decent rebuild time but this was not the case. I have the latest drivers for the graphics card and chipset. Is there a particular part of my system that is giving me such a slow benchmark time or do you think something is not working correctly on my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if someone just thinks that selling this computer and getting a different computer would work better let me know.