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    Is it possible to change Keyboard Shortcuts in Flyout Menus?

    Todd Blacksher

      Using the same part in SOLIDWORKS 2016 & 2017, someone here noticed that the shortcuts in the flyout menu have changed.

      2016 on the left, 2017 on the right


      It is a sheet metal part with references within an assembly.

      Open the part and right-click a face.

      Hitting the letter "X" used to get "Export to DXF / DWG" in 2016, it now gets "List External Refs..."


      Yeah, my co-workers find ALL of the odd little changes . . . I don't suppose there is a way to change it back without hacking the registry?




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          Todd Blacksher

          In case you were wondering, if you right-click on the part that does NOT have external references, you will get the option for export to dxf/dwg - this is another one of the "context sensitive" areas.

          (Personally, I have always LOVED the intelligence behind the context sensitivity, this is just one of the unusual instances that somebody asked me about.)


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              Tom Spine

              You are right. What you are seeing is a result of the context sensitive nature of SOLIDWORKS. Well, that in combination with a change in 2017 that moved those menu items into the RMB categories. Notice how in the 2016 image the Export, Transparency, and Create Plane menu items are by themselves above the categorized sections (Feature, Body), but in the 2017 image those three items are within the Feature and Body categories.


              As far as the mnemonic (underlined letter) goes, here's what's going on... each menu item has a mnemonic assigned when the menu item is defined. We try to pick an "appropriate" mnemonic for each menu item. Sometimes this is the first letter (Box Selection). Other times it is a more prominent letter. In the case of  both Export to DXF/DWG and List External Refs the letter is x.


              The real problem here comes when two menu items with the same mnemonic show up in the RMB menu -- the first one in the list (top to bottom) wins. That's why in the 2016 screen shot the underline goes to Export to DXF/DWG, but in the 2017 the underline goes to List External Refs. This will need some Dev investigation, but it seems that the code that is dynamically assembling the RMB menu based on context isn't able to handle the duplicate mnemonic assignments.


              Now, one of the complexities is that if the RMB menus did handle duplicate mnemonic assignments, then another key (Enter) would be needed to actually invoke the menu item; pull-down menu systems work like that. We try to avoid duplicate assignments in the pull-down menus (much easier to predict, given they aren't dynamically assembled), but it does happen. One example is in the File menu, where Print3D and Send To both use d. But if you go Alt + F to pull down the File menu, then you see see the repeatedly pressing the d key will cycle the keyboard focus between those two menu items. The Enter key, then, fires off the menu item that has the focus. That type of interaction was established first, if I recall correctly, by Microsoft back around the Windows 3.1 era.