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Question asked by Alex Dring on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Bill McEachern

Our engineer left our company and I been tasked on taking over his duties in modeling.  He was able to teach me how to run a few simulations such as frequency and static for vertical loads.  What he wasn't able to show me is how to determine stiffness of the assembly.  Can anyone walk me thru that?  He did mention to determine stiffness you remove the gravity and change the load to 1 newton.  I am not sure if that is only one newton per foot or one newton for the entire load.  Anyway I run it again and I am not sure what to do from there.  Shown below is URES: Resultant Displacement. (mm).


As you probably already guessed I am no engineer and new to Solidworks as well.  We use inventor for our design work and he got Solidworks just for the simulation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated