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Why is my .dwg file so large now

Question asked by Mike Dunn on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Mike Dunn

I have an odd situation when exporting a Solidworks drawing to a .dwg file. Last week I exported several sheets from several different multi-sheet Solidworks drawings. I am saving the .dwg files as only the displayed sheet not all the sheets on the drawing. Last week I sent out some preliminary copies for some quotes. The .dwg files were all in the 440 KB range, a total of 7 files were saved. This week I finalized the drawings and all I did to the Solidworks drawings was add an "Issued For Construction" note in the revision table and removed a "Work In Progress" note from each sheet. Now when I export the drawing sheets to a . dwg format the files are all in the 5,500 KB range. I can't figure out what would make the file size more than 10x of what it was. I'm doing this on SW2015.