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    PDM Standard

    Eric Wicklund

      I was wondering if anyone would be able to assist me with my question on the “PDM standard” vault system?


      Our licenses are on a network so by default anyone who opens SolidWorks it checks out the standard license, to get the professional license you need to manually go in and borrow it.


      I have read about PDM standard being included with the professional license, my question is if someone wants to use the vault will then need to “add in” the professional license to be able to do so or could they access it using just the standard license?


      We are currently running:

      SolidWorks 2016 Service Pack 5.0






      We currently do not have a vault system and are looking into moving forward on implementing one.

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          PDM Standard is only available through SolidWorks Professional and Premium. Users with only SolidWorks Standard will have no access to the PDM Standard vault in your setup.

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Eric,

            PDM Standard entitles you to one license per SolidWorks Professional or Premium license.  This license would be inserted into your existing floating network setup alongside all the licenses you have there now.  It would also act independently of the SolidWorks Professional license.  However, like Steve Ostrovsky said, you only have a single license of SolidWorks Professional so you will only have enough licenses to have a single user in the vault at any time.  That's not going to be very effective in a vault environment if you want everyone regularly interacting with it.

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              Paul Wyndham

              SW PDM uses log in/out that is separate from the SolidWorks license. When someone logs into the vault they pull a PDM license. So, they would hold onto that license until they log out. You could minimize this by setting a timeout period in the license server options file to 20 minutes or something. The problem with only having one license is that anytime 2 people were actively working on a project in the vault they would have conflicting license needs.

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                Rick McDonald

                We did not go with PDM at my company.

                In the beginning we had 6 seats of SWX standard.

                Later we upgraded 2 seats to Pro. so we could use Workgroup PDM on those - but the others could not access it.

                Also, we wanted other office people to be able to access the data to send to the Machine shop, store and control documents, etc.

                We would have had to get individual licenses for those seats as well as the office people.

                It was just not realistic.

                On top of that, we had to maintain subscription to the PDM or we would loose access.  Not acceptable for us.

                If we had done that and then with the recent downturn is business, we would have had to layoff an employee to cover the cost, just to keep access to our files.

                You need to fully investigate everything you need from the PDM, how many users, What type of user (full access or view only), the total cost, what if you drop your subscription....

                It may work fine for you but for us and the size of our company is was just not a fit.

                In a bigger company I think PDM is a must.

                It is for a small company also - but we have to do Manual PDM due to cost.