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eDrawing API attempt to open document hangs app without error

Question asked by Kent Keller on Apr 4, 2017

Has anyone successfully used eDrawings API in a Visual Studio Visual Basic Windows App?  I followed the steps in the eDrawings Help file the best I could, but when I try to the opendoc method against an EModelView object, my app just hangs with no error message.  The App builds fine, just will not open a document


Code snip is below:

        Dim eModView As New EModelViewControl

        eModView.OpenDoc("C:\Users\kkeller\Documents\610.153-01.easm", False, False, False, "")


According to the documentation...

Dim eModView As IEModelViewControl


But this will not create the object as it is an interface.  You just get the error that the object is used before it is assigned a variable.


Kent Keller