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    Fully Defined

    Maha Nadarasa

      How to make this sketch fully defined?



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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Maha,

          The blue vertex that is on your centerline (highlighted red below) needs to have a relation or dimension added to it to define its location.  You could most readily add a dimension from the highlighted red vertex to either of the highlighted purple vertexes to make a fully defined sketch.


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            Dennis Bacon

            This is another one that I cannot explain the why. But if you delete the "equal curvature" relations and add equal radius on your arcs then you can dim to the point of intersection of the angled lines.

            Edit:.. Actually you don't need the equal on the arcs since you have a horizontal relation on the endpoints of the arcs. Just delete the equal curvature (again don't ask me why) and add the dim to the intersecting points.