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I am trying to make a mold/fixture for my part???

Question asked by Johnni Nielsen on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Christopher Estelow


I am trying to make a mold/fixture for my part to fit into when they both are 3D printed. but i can only make exact fitting between the two parts when i use the command "Cavity" to make the mold. But i need the part shaped "hole" in the mold to be 2 mm larger than the part which needs to fit into the mold. Can i do it in solidworks and how???Skærmbillede-2017-04-04-14.13.jpgSkærmbillede-2017-04-04-14.12.jpg


The problem by using simple scaling in "Cavity" is that it offsets everything instead of "growing" every surface a little bit bigger:


Hope someone can help, because 3D printing makes every thing a little bigger and every hole a little smaller, so i need to compensate for the differents in sizes.


- Johnni