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    Model is different to SW file

    Greg Young

      I created an assembly and then created a rendered image in Visualise. Then I "pack and Go" the SW model, rename it and modify the assembly.


      I then "Export Advance" to Visualise to create a new render of the new SW Assembly but the image is of the original assembly model.


      Is there a way to force or purge that image from the copied SW Assembly?

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          Brian Hillner

          Hi Greg,


          To use the Export Advanced feature properly, the name of the SW CAD file needs to remain the same name and in the same location, in order for Visualize to continuously 'Monitor File' and check for any updates.


          To "force" Visualize to re-find the file (either because it moved or because it was renamed), you can hover over the 'Source File' to find where the location your file should be moved to...and you can then force a refresh by clicking the 'Re-import Model' button: