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    How can I simulate air drag?

    Brandon Moore

      How can I simulate air drag due to the atmosphere during a rocket launch in SolidWorks?  I want to simulate a rocket launch, but I would like to know how much air drag will affect my: maximum acceleration, speed, and distance traveled.  Is there a way to accomplish this?  Whenever I simulate my rocket launch it just spins about its center of gravity, like a fired the rocket in space where there is no air drag. 

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          Bill McEachern

          What program are you using to do the simulation? If it  is motion then you can add a drag calc and slave it to altitude and velocity. You would need the Cd of the rocket which you could use flow to compute. You could also add aerodynamic restoring forces for vehicle stability if it is design with such capabilities and you know what the areodynamic characteristics are. It can get complicated quite quickly depending what your objectives of the calc are.