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Cannot copy models with materials? - 2017

Question asked by Neil Marten on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by Brian Hillner

How can I copy a complex model with its materials and decals in 2017?


Some models take a significant amount of time to setup with all their correct materials and decals and many times I need to show slight material variations of that model in the same scene. I think Copy/Paste worked years ago, now that's gone. Then we could work around the issue by merging files, but that seems to be gone in 2017. I cannot find an option to merge files or copy/paste a model with materials and decals.


I am sure there is a really simple way to do this that I am just overlooking. It would be borderline ridiculous for a product like SWVP to not have simple duplication of models with applied material, so that can't be the case. Can someone help with this or I am I the only person who needs this feature?