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Dialog boxes hiding

Question asked by John Lhuillier on Apr 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

     I seem to run into issues with dialog boxes becoming hidden & then not being able to find them to complete the command. One example is with the dialog boxes that come up when working with design tables & it asking if you want to add or remove new configurations. If you accidently pick on a drawing view & it brings it to the front, the dialog box for the design table gets shuffled to the back. I have not found any way to bring that back up to the front to finish the command without using task manager & ending the Solidworks session. I'm running dual monitors with SW 2017 and also using Ultramon to manage the dual monitors. I've tried to disable the 2nd monitor to move everything to one monitor, hitting the TAB key to try to cycle thru the windows that are open & anything else I could think of. The other SW documents that are open are no longer accessible within Solidworks & can't even close those to help. Any ideas on how to recover these.