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Polyline issues when exporting DXF from SolidWorks

Question asked by Brian Callaway on Apr 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Chad Huleatt

When exporting a SolidWorks drawing to DXF or DWG and then opening in a 2D drafting program like AutoCAD or DraftSight, SolidWorks is unable to merge the polylines -- even when exporting with the optimized settings shown below:




When opening the file in AutoCAD or DraftSight, many of the parts cannot be PEDIT merged due to the fact that there are tiny, microscopic gaps between each point. Here's an example, at 100%, and super-zoomed-in:




Since my CAM software is unable to translate these outside countours and pockets unless the polylines are merged, this can literally require hours of manually merging the vertices in AutoCAD -- a huge waste of time.


Is there a workaround, a different setting, or any solution that can automate this painstaking process?