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    Order in Trimming Sequence

    Maha Nadarasa

      This is a convert entity line and other line is an offset entity of that line. When I trim convert entity line, this automatically trims offset entity line as well. If I do it in vice versa this is not the case. Sketch14


      Has there any order to be followed in trimming?


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          Rob Edwards

          Hi Maha


          I'm not sure which would be the best way but to me the way you describe it working makes sense.  If you are offsetting from a line that is trimmed, the offset line is trimmed as well (otherwise what is it offsetting, the line has gone). The point I wanted to make was that when you convert entities you don't need to use trim, you can grab the black dot at the end and it magically turns blue and allows you to move it along

          you can even extend it, I have no idea how that works


          edit: even weirder

          I just spotted that you can flip them right over and reattach each end of the converted line to the other end of the original