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    Dispatch - Activate on Check In

    Michael Dekoning
      I've added an action in Dispatch that I want to be activated before a document is checked in. I cannot get it to work and was wondering if this is a bug or if I misunderstood the documentation. It works if I change the activation to menu command, state transition and even check out, just not for check in. I searched the KB to no avail. My VAR has not replied to my email yet so thought I'd ask here.

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          Anand Ramalingam
          i'm also facing the same problem.. can anyone have any sample for checkin?
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            Christina Seay
            Very strange.. I tested it and I'm getting the same thing. I created a quick dispatch action just to pop up a message box and if I have it set to trigger on check-out it works fine.. change it to check-in and it doesn't work.

            Sounds like a bug... is anyone else having this problem.. or not having it?
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                Joy Garon
                Hi Folks -

                I admit that I was a little puzzled after reading these posts so I did some investigating.
                I created a Dispatch file to pop up a messagebox 'after check in' of a %.doc file.

                I added a Word file to the vault and checked in - hmmm... no messagebox.
                However, if I added a new Word file and modified/saved a property prior to check in, the messagebox fires...

                So, what I found out is this: Dispatch uses the EPDM API.
                Initial check in checks if local file (added file) has been modified. If not it simply triggers an undo lock instead. This is a bit of a headache for api programmers as they have to listen to both events (undo lock is different from unlock event).

                You should submit an enhancement request to have the action take place on an initial check in even if the document was not modified.

                Happy Holidays,
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                Christina Seay
                Thanks Joy for checking into that. I didn't even think about the fact that it might be trying to perform and undo lock.

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                  Michael Dekoning
                  I understand what you're saying Joy. In fact I looked more closely and noticed that if you create a new, unchanged file and check it in, the comment field is disabled.
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                      More troubling news. I have a dispatch that I wanted to fire on check in that would launch an external program that made changes to the file and save the changes before the file was actually checked in so the changes would automatically be applied to the file. No such luck. I guess I will have to write an add-in to do it.

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                          Lee CS Young

                          If you get your add-in to work, let us know. It's flaky at best.

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                              I see what you mean Lee about it being flaky. It all has to do with what Joy said about which even gets fired, "Pre Undo Lock+ or "Pre Unlock". I still have not figured out the logic to when one or the other event gets fired. I did get lucky in that it works for my particular application.


                              My application is for an XML ECN/ECO form. I use a template to create the xml file, so the creation of the file is consistent. The user either fills out the form via the data card and attaches affected files to the xml document on the creation of the xml file or they can check out the file and make changes and or attach additional files or remove files, then check the file in.The application monitors the "Pre Unlock" event, get's the fileID, folderID, and fileName or all the files attached to the ECN/ECO xml file and adds them as elements and attributes to the xml file. In all the testing I done it works for my xml file.


                              I also tested other file extensions and different methods of adding the files to the vault. In some cases a "Pre Undo Lock" event would get fired where it looked to me like version tab of the file looked identical to the version tab of the xml file, ie version 1/1.


                              A shamless plug, this appliction is for an "Automating ECx Process' that I am doing at World this year.