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Not sure what to call this question: Suggestions for transforming a square based pattern into an arch

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Apr 1, 2017
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Hi all


I have a diamond pattern that fits neatly into a rectangle, I would like for this pattern to blend into an archway at the top


I accomplished the example on the right by manually adding move/copy body features


The downside to this is its an 'eyeball' technique that takes time and has to be reworked each time the width/height/pattern spacing changes.


Part of my design objectives is to be able to sit down with a customer and interactively alter the design to their wishes.  It's ok to do a lot of work up front, but when the time comes, the changes have got to be pretty quick.


I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to improve this?


Fill Pattern seemed the logical first place to go, but I found it was not possible to specify the margins as the 'driving' dimension in the pattern.  And whilst it does a good job of clipping the boundary, it seems essentially the same as a linear pattern but with less control.


I've explored deform which looks promising if there's a way to build on it

I was thinking I could make a lot of tiny holes and then somehow pick them up. A triangle cut out would always give me a point to use with Move Body


or a similar idea with a flex feature that gets projected back onto the plane

I would need to get a surface more like this


A complicated 3d sketch solution seems my only way at present.  Can anyone suggest a better way before I disappear down a rabbit hole.