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Hi i'm new and I need help

Question asked by Kazi Hossain on Mar 31, 2017

Hi everyone!

                    I am new to Solidworks Simulation and the forum as well. Any help is appreciated. I got this assignment from my school about a pulley. The material is steel 1020 cold rolled. "The shaft is connected to a motor, which continues attempting to turn, even though an obstacle has penetrated one of the holes, preventing an inside face from moving. The primary purpose of the project is to develop analysis techniques that could lead to a reasonable conclusion about the failure and possible redesign of a part. To get you started, the solid model is provided and boundary conditions are suggested, but these should be considered only as a first approximation. Both the design of the part and the boundary conditions may change as you conduct your analysis."


Restraint initially is the inner rectangle surface of the cutout wheel. The torque is on the shaft, portrayed in the orange highlighted one in the picture.



I decided to add a bearing fixture and fillet the edge where the shaft and the disk connect. I added the fillet because I didn't want a singularity since it had a sharp edge. I added the bearing because some of my classmates worked it out in the way. I am unclear as to why, but i'm guessing it's to hold the pulley in place. I tried the convergence test, but no matter what I do it is ALWAYS diverging.  I used mesh control here on the shaft where I applied the fillet where it's diverging. I tried added another bearing on the middle disk which didn't work either. I am out of ideas.


Fixture + Torque : Maximum Stress

1st Fixture_Stress.png

Fixture + Torque: Maximum Displacement (I then added bearing(s) to have less displacement deformation)

1st Fixture_Displacement.png

2 Bearings, Fillet on shaft + Fixture & Torque: It reduced the displacement but convergence failed( I didn't have any pics with only 1 bearing)


2 Bearings, & Filled on shaft, Fixture & Torque: IMax Stress




*I included some pictures for better perspective and any help is appreciated*