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Highlighting/Selecting multiple parts in explode views.

Question asked by Shay Miller on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Shay Miller

I searched the forum and could not find an answer to this question but I find it hard to believe no one else has run into this problem. The problem comes up when I am exploding multiple parts in an assembly then try to highlight/select multiple parts from the already exploded step to explode again. So let's just say it was a car. I would explode the axle and everything attached to it down. Then I would try to window select the tire, rim, bolts, caliper, and so on to explode to the left but it won't highlight. This happens 99% of the time. Now sometimes if I try to window select where the axle was even though it's not there any more, it will highlight most of the parts. Obviously Solidworks still sees it as being in the original location and the next step would be to get out of the explode step and rebuild and try it again so it updates but that doesn't work either. That leaves me with selecting each piece individually which takes forever especially if there are 20 bolts that have washers and nuts on each. Is there a setting?  Do I need a better graphics card? I just want it to work.


Computer specs: i7-4790K, 32gb Ram, 2x 250gb Samsung SSD in raid 0, NVIDIA Quadro K2200