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How can I make a margin around a solidworks subtraction?

Question asked by Mark Roussel on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Mark Roussel

Hi All,


I've finally "mastered" (Ha!) the art of the combine/subtract feature in SW2017.  The subtraction makes a cavity EXACTLY the same shape/size as the part.  I am not using the subtraction feature to create a mold.  I am using it to generate a mating part.  This is all fine but in the real world, I will need a little space between the mating parts so that they do not interfere due to tolerance issues when machining the two parts and to provide clearance when assembling them.  So, my question is:  Is there a way to put a "margin" of a few thousandths of an inch between the part and the cavity when I do the subtraction?  If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!   ~Mark