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Office Jet Pro 8710, Not working with Solidworks 2017 SP 2.0?

Question asked by Vili Hafnar on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Michel Tremblay



We use Solidworks 2017 SP 2.0 from the beginning of this year. It was OK for a while, until we installed a HP Office Jet Pro 8710.
Before the installation of the new printer we used HP Designjet (A1) and Toshiba MF (A3) with no problem.
Now the print user interface (in Solidworks) is different, non-responsive with in-active buttons.
We are also unable so set page properties, line thickness, layout ...
All the red squared buttons are inactive.

Although we can print documents like PDF, Word and Excel with no problem (?).

And now the interesting part!
This (broken) interface became same for all three printers.

Is there a known issue with printer or combination with Solidworks?