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Move files in a folder by file name

Question asked by Mike Helsinger on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Mike Helsinger

The quick version - I want to move files within a folder based on the file's name.  No PDM - we use windows explorer environment.  Without a macro I would be moving the files one by one with SW Explorer.  It's a few hundred files, which is doable but I also want to learn more about API and I think this would be good education.  Alternatively is this a job for Task Scheduler?


The details - I have assemblies & parts that are noise in that I want to throw in existing sub folders without breaking links.  We have folders are named by the "program" number as the first 3 characters of the folder name.  Any file within a folder that doesn't share those same first three characters I want to put in an existing sub folder.  There are a few program folders I want to apply this macro to.  I could run this macro on each program folder, or if there is a cool code I could apply to the folder level above to grab each program's folder in the same operation.


Educate me.