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Prepared Moldbase Model.

Question asked by Mehmet Can Yildirim on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Mehmet Can Yildirim

Hi all ,


I used SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP2. I examine 3DQuickMold. 3DQuickMold is an integrated program running in SOLIDWORKS. It is used in the plastic injection mold design.


There are  prepared model in this program. Example moldbase model. (Futaba , Hasco , lkm etc.)


Also , I see different cad program.  Example (Inventor , Topsolid etc.)


I could not find anything into the SOLIDWORKS moldwizard.


Does anyone have any idea about this topic. You can see example screenshot below.



This 3DQuickMold. Moldbase options.


Moldbase Inventor.jpg

This Inventor.


Could you help me please ?


Best Regards,