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Example that Requires Nonlinear Capability with Linear Isotropic Material?

Question asked by John Willett on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by John Willett

Ignorant question from Non-Engineer:  Can somebody give me an example of a simple simulation that cannot be done correctly with the Large-Displacement option in a Linear Static study even though it does not use a non-linear material?


I'm re-reading Paul Kurowski's excellent tutorial, "Engineering Analysis with Solidworks Simulation 20XX," and I have come across the following statement:  "All nonlinear problems presented in this chapter [so far, even the classic flat plate under pressure, which is stiffened under bending by tension] owe their nonlinearity to changes in geometry and contact taking place during the loading process.  They can be solved using a Static study with the Large displacement option selected.  Now we present a problem where nonlinear behavior is caused by nonlinear material.  This example requires Solidworks Simulation Premium..."


I have Solidworks Premium (linear static simulation only, including the large-displacement option).  All of my problems involve linear isotropic materials, and I want to better understand what kinds of problems I cannot solve without purchasing another license that I cannot afford.


Thanks for any guidance! -- John Willett