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Specific part not showing up in the "Costing Manager"-tree?

Question asked by Alexander Aadin on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Michael Washer



I've just started using the SolidWorks 2017 Costing module and have run in to an issue. Basically I'm trying to calculate the cost of an assembly consisting only of purchased parts. I've therefore assigned all parts a custom feature called "componentCost". This is the custom property which the SolidWorks Costing template then is referenced to use for determining the cost of the part and the complete assembly.


There is however one specific part which wont show up anywhere in the CostingManager-tree, and I can't figure out why. The part is old (probably created in SW2010), but it has then been re-saved into the new SW2017-format. There are actually a number of related parts which we are using and which were created at the same time which does show up just as expected and without any issues at all.


I'm getting a feeling of this beeing a bug of some sort, or what might be an explanation to this specific part now showing up in the CostingManager-tree?


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