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Why am I unable to move my Feature Tree Scroll Bar in an Assembly?

Question asked by Dave Bear on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Dave Bear

Hi Folks,

I was just wondering if it was normally possible or not to be able to move the blue Feature Tree scroll bar. Given that my main assembly has been growing in the number of parts that it has, I have been putting certain components into folders to keep the tree small. I want to now add some components that will essentially fall into one of the previous folders and I was hoping to just move the scroll bar up, do my work, finalise it and then roll to end and save, but the scroll bar does not move past 'mates' (yes, I can see the obvious reason for that!).

I also know that I could probably just do what I need to and then hope like hell that it will allow me to move the components up to the corresponding folder, but if it doesn't I'm left with a little bit of a mess. It's no major drama I guess, the assembly will still work, I was just curious as to why there is a scroll bar if you can't really utilise it in assembly mode.

Feature Tree Scroll Bar.jpg



Any suggestions greatly appreciated,