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    SW 2016 is SUPER slow when editing a sketch

    Zachary Lewis

      I have been using SW for years fine on this laptop with specs as followed

      Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHz

      16Gb of DDR3 RAM

      Intel HD Graphics 4000


      Its not the best computer for this kind of stuff, but it only starts slowing down when I get into moderately large assemblies. Recently the program starts running really slow as soon as I open or create a sketch. It's so slow I can't get any work done. I've checked the driver and it hasn't had any recent updates. I updated it anyways but that didn't solve the problem. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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          Adam Hartles

          If you haven't already, update your service pack to SP5 as SW added fixes related to Windows updates. It may not be the cause of the slow down but an obvious thing to rule out.

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Hi Zachary,


            Lately, we've been hearing a lot of this same problem for unsupported graphics cards (yours is not supported) and it is usually due to Windows (or the graphics card manufacturer) doing an automatic update to a driver that causes the problem. You indicated that there hasn't be a recent driver update, but there must have been some change for this to suddenly start happening. The latest driver isn't necessarily the best one. Most users have overcome such problems going back to an older driver that did work.

            A couple of things to try:

            1. Run SOLIDWORKS Rx from the start menu and just confirm that your graphics card is in fact not supported.
            2. Run SOLIDWORKS Rx in Software Open GL safe mode. This will bypass your graphics card and run the graphics from the CPU instead. If it is faster, then this is most certainly an issue with the graphics card/driver and you either need to get a supported card or find a driver for the unsupported card that fixes the problem. See this document on safe mode: SolidWorks Rx - The Computer Doctor Is In


            I hope this helps,


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              Jenner Wescott



              I ran into the exact same issue recently that you are having where solidworks does just fine until I entered into a sketch. Luckily I found a solution that I believe will work for you. I have a Lenovo G580 laptop with exactly the same graphics card and processor that you have and I found the problem to be with the energy management programs on my computer. You need to uninstall one or both(if you have a Lenovo) of the energy managers on your computer and will also need to make sure your intel hd4000 is updated to the newest version(I downloaded version 15.33). you can get that here off of their main site.

              Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 4000

              The problem with the energy managers is that they can put you into a "power savers mode" or something similar and will restrict your graphics card performance in order to increase battery life or lower power consumption.


              -First, update your graphics card drivers.

              -Second, (for users with lenovo power manager) Try placing your battery into performance mode with maximise battery life selected.

              -Third, try uninstalling lenovo's power manager and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery

              you can find the first one in your programs lift and the second under >Batteries in your computers Device Manager.


              Restart your computer after each of these changes and enter into a solidworks sketch to see if the previous change solved the issue.


              You can reinstall or role back on any of these 3 items at any time and experiment with which one is placing the performance restrictions on your graphics card. Hopefully this helps!