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    3D spline control

    Jon Christensen



      Is there any way to do BOTH of the following with a 3D spline

      1. Enforce spline length (I know this can be done)

      2. Enforce a minimum bend radius/curvature (I can't do this with a 3D spline?)

      I know I can show the minimum radius but I want to enforce it so that it won't be smaller than a given value. Think rubber tubing and crimping.


      If this can't be done then it should be... other CAD packages can.


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          Paul Salvador

          Jon,.. you can also turn on the visual min radius for 3D sketches  but yeah, ... hmm... as for enforcing.. I don't have the Routing/Piping/Wiring extention... but I thought someone talked about this and showed something?

          Otherwise.. the best I'd suggest is do a "Fit Spline" to convert your 3D line/arc (min radii) path//profile/gc sketch?

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              Jon Christensen


              Yes I want to enforce the radius though so it does not go below a certain value no matter what. At this point it does not seem to be possible. I tried it the other night in a different CAD system and it did work fine in that system but I can't seem to get it to work in SW. Also VAR does not have a solution either.