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Changing the time step on Solidworks 2016 Flow Simulation

Question asked by Tiago Antonio on Mar 28, 2017
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I need to do some transient fluid flow simulations of a component for my master thesis and currently I'm stuck with an issue. For my project I have to run simulations of some seconds, and I need no less than 0.1s for my time step. The issue is that when I run the simulation the time step appears as you can see on the image below. Time steps of about 5E10^-5, wich result in calculation times of about 30h+. It's a lot. I've already set a manual time step of 0.1s under time step settings, in calculation control options>solving and this behavior remains. What am I missing here? I would apreciate some help because I need to run quite a few simulation and with this issue it would take me weeks to run them. I'm running Solidworks 2016.

Thank you very much in advance,

Tiago Antonio

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