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    Inserting and Mating Flexible Subassemblies

    Dennis Dohogne

      Subassemblies and especially flexible subassemblies are terrific time savers in SWX.  I just discovered something that will help me keep a few more hair follicles.


      I have a large (in size, not in part count) subassemblies.  I have it set to flexible for the one degree of freedom relating to the thickness of the concrete slab it grabs onto.  By Ctrl-dragging one of these from the FeatureManager I can drop another copy into the approximate location for the next instance.  If the one I started with is set to be a flexible assembly then this new instance will be flexible also.  So far, so good.  However, in dragging this new sub around there is a lag, but worse than that I'm not able to just drag it like I want to.  I'm sure a lot of you know this, but I just discovered this little tip and had to share.  By setting the new instance to Rigid instead of Flexible I was able to drag it quickly and easily.  I was then able to quickly add all the mates.  When I got to the slab thickness as the only mate left I just set the subassembly back to Flexible.


      I've had this movement lag and dragging difficulty happen before in other projects, but I was only messing with one new instance.  This discovery has made a huge difference in how quickly and easily I am able to drag and position the subs!!