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Hole Wizard Diameter Dimension - linear to diametric

Question asked by Baylis Medical on Mar 28, 2017

I have SW part consisting of a box with holes (added using Hole Wizard). I want to show the positions and diameters of these holes on the 3D model of the box. In the feature tree, I have right-clicked "Annotations" and turned on "Show Feature Dimensions". This shows the positions and diameters of the holes on the model. However, the hole diameters are shown linearly (i.e. as a linear distance across the center of the hole) and are not in-plane with the hole positions. How can I switch the dimension from linear to diametric (i.e. the leader line pointing at the hole edge) which is in-plane with the position dimensions. I've included a picture with the dimensions of a single hole to illustrate.