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    Disappearing components in drawings

    Francis Sison
      I have a large assembly and when I create a drawing for it, some of the components just don't appear on the drawings. I checked the model and they aren't hidden or supressed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        • Disappearing components in drawings
          Francis Sison
          Figured it out...in drawing view I checked in properties for the component and for some reason it got changed to hidden...perhaps because it was marked as not part of the BOM.

          I don't remember checking that for this particular part but I was able to resolve this issue.
          • Disappearing components in drawings
            Jeff Mirisola
            1. Make sure they aren't hidden or suppressed in the drawing. Look for the components in the tree and double check.

            2. After creating the drawing, and doing #1, try ctrl+q.

            3. With issues like this, it's helpful for the rest of us if you list your system specs. Often, it could just be a buggy/unsupported card/driver that causes the issue. Also tell us which version of SW you're using.