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Impossible to open file *.EL0.

Question asked by Pietro Maressa on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Pietro Maressa

Hello, this error message appears almost every time I run a simultation for the first time. If I use pack and go to save every part/assembly in another folder or if I reboot the computer I am able to run and finish the simulation.

The english translation for the message below could be "Impossible to open the file *.EL0.". I searched online for infos regarding this error but didn't find anything, hopefully someone can help me on here.


I am running Solidworks Premium 2015 x64 Edition SP4





EDIT: Now I get the same error with a different file extension, the new one is "*.HDR.". It seems like it is an High Dynamic Range Image file. Still I can't figure out what it means. Any help will be welcome