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    Impossible to open file *.EL0.

    Pietro Maressa

      Hello, this error message appears almost every time I run a simultation for the first time. If I use pack and go to save every part/assembly in another folder or if I reboot the computer I am able to run and finish the simulation.

      The english translation for the message below could be "Impossible to open the file *.EL0.". I searched online for infos regarding this error but didn't find anything, hopefully someone can help me on here.


      I am running Solidworks Premium 2015 x64 Edition SP4





      EDIT: Now I get the same error with a different file extension, the new one is "*.HDR.". It seems like it is an High Dynamic Range Image file. Still I can't figure out what it means. Any help will be welcome

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          Dennis Dohogne

          With a strange problem like that maybe you just need some strange magic:  ELO-Strange Magic - YouTube

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Pietro,

            There are a couple things that come to mind as to why you are getting an I/O error on this file.  Where are your storing/accessing the CAD files from as your run Simulation on them?


            Have you tested running Simulation on these files from within another user account on this machine?


            Also, you are running 2015 SP4.0 which would tend to have various issues if it was installed recently without accounting for the Windows Update KB3072630.  Are you version locked on SP4.0 or can you upgrade to SP5.0?

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                Pietro Maressa

                Hello Ryan, thank you for your answer.

                Unfortunately at the moment we can't upgrade to SP5.0, anyway SW 2015 SP4.0 was installed before that windows update, still we don't exclude some conflicting update since we started getting this error recently.


                We store the cad/simulation files on a local folder on the hard drive (C:\.....). I have not tested running the Simulation from another user on the same machine but also my colleagues having different user accounts on different machines are getting the same error (so a common update could be the explanation?).

                It looks like a problem that can't be easily fixed just with the information I am giving, but if you have any suggestion, it will be useful for sure.

                Thank you again for your support


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                    Ryan Dark


                    You might ask your company to consider a test system for 2015 SP5.0 to see if that makes a difference.


                    The issue is like nothing I have heard of before.  If it is impacting all machines in your environment then you would want to anything that might prohibit read access to a file that would placed on all machines.  This would include antivirus software, folder permissions, or remote storage.  I alluded to the remote storage earlier but any of those items could potentially cause a read access error.  So, you may wish to do testing IT level account with your antivirus disabled (if you have not done this already).