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Autocad dimstyles stored in solidworks?

Question asked by Brandon Rausch on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Sujan Ss

When I export a dwg from Solidworks 2016, I get old Autocad dimension styles coming with it.  I had originally imported my titleblock from autocad into Solidworks so it would look and function the same as our company uses both SW and ACAD.  Over time, I have that accomplished for the most part, as I can export the drawings back to autocad and my attributed title blocks remain intact and functional.  However, when I created the Solidworks templates, apparently some of my autocad dimension styles came through as well.  So when I export back to autocad drawings, I get these old, no longer used dimension styles.  How do I purge them from my Solidworks templates?  I can't find them anywhere in Solidworks in the first place, but low and behold, every time I export a drawing, I get all of the old dimension styles.  They have to be stored somewhere...but where, and why?  Why would Solidworks keep them?  Please help!


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