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Xeon vs Bloomfield

Question asked by Luke Gierach on Dec 9, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2008 by Anna Wood
I am looking into the upgrade of some computers in our Engineering department and in the past we have purchased machines with dual sockets to increase the number of cores.
To my knowledge this is only possible with a Xeon machine (with Intel anyway), and not with a Bloomfield core chip.

Our uses are detailed 3,000 part (approximate max) assemblies, some rendering, and cosmos designer. Some of our parts have very complex cuts in them...we are planning to implement the speedpak, but have not yet.

Can anyone explain or direct me to a place that explains why the Xeon would or would not be ideal for SW. I know it is a server based cpu, but what I do not know is how that makes it different or worse for SW.

Thanks in advance,