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Mesh Sanity Check?

Question asked by Scott Lelievre on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Bill McEachern

Howdy folks -


I've been off the Simulation horse for a few years and am getting back on with a very simple analysis. We are using FLOW to look at heat flow through a very cold chunk of ice that, for the purposes of the model domain, I've modeled as a 1/4 cylinder with symmetry conditions on the XY and ZY faces. We're interested in the average heat flux at the inner bore hole over time, and given our initial conditions we get an initial large spike that quickly tapers off to a long tail.


Given that heat flux through the inner cylindrical surface is our goal, I've called for a locally tight mesh on that surface, and two more local meshes as the heat moves out radially into the bulk of the model.


The mesh seems to look good on the flat surfaces but I get some high aspect ratio elements on the inner surface. I'm just not convinced that this is a good mesh for this surface and I'm curious what I'm doing wrong. Is there a better way to mesh curved surfaces like this? I've played with most of the mesh settings with little luck. I thought the Curvature Criterion under Advanced Refinement might get me there but not so far. Hopefully you can view the larger image and see what I'm talking about.




Any general guidance would be appreciated.


Justin Smith

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