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Pipe/Tube Laser Cutting

Question asked by Rishab Sinha on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2017 by Wayne Schafer

I am trying to laser cut a tube using solidworks. The vendor uses a software named CypTube or Cypcut for the laser cutting.

However my pipes always show up incorrectly in their software. In Image_1 that I have attached, the red circle portion comes up missing. In all my files the part closest to the co-ordinate system comes missing, however the opposite end shows up fine. I made a co-ordinate system on the axis as the default co-ordinate system is not even on the part itself. The vendor sent me 2 files of pipes (file name 1L and 1R) that he has laser cut for other people, and I tried to mimic it by having my origin on the axis of the pipe with no luck. Are there any settings one uses when laser cutting a pipe? When I created a part using weldments, I select 'Insert into new part' for a specific member and then created a new co-ordinate system on the axis, select save as .IGES. Refer to Image_2 for my settings. I have also attached my .PRT and .IGES files (File name Base_41). If anyone could show me what settings are used it would be of great help.