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How to test whether a battery box will survive a lion bite?

Question asked by Kasim Rafiq on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2017 by Kasim Rafiq

Hi all,


I need to run a simulation to test whether a battery box will survive being bitten by a lion (600 psi).


I have a model with 2 solid bodies, the battery (image 1 sketch) and a representation of a tooth (roughly a pointed cone) directly above the curved face of the model, but I'm struggling to run the SolidWorks simulation for the above scenario.  I've never run a simulation before.  I have tried following along with various online videos that have looked at shark bites but I still can't get it to work.  I'm not sure at which point I'm going wrong; so, I was hoping there might be someone who will be able to talk me through step by step on how to run this analysis?  I would like to test whether a tooth that bites down on the top curved face of the model will break through the shell.


Image 1 (battery box):


BB sketch.JPG


Extruded by 60 mm and then shelled 5 mm (outward).  Material: ABS


I've also attached the model in question.


Extra background info.


I'm a researcher working in Africa on lion/leopard human-wildlife conflict. As part of our project we're developing low-cost GPS radiocollars that trigger pilot acoustic/scent/visual deterrents when collared animals get within a certain proximity. The above simulation is to test how various components of the collar will hold up against field deployment, specifically when study animals are fighting or playing with one another.


Thanks in advance for any help.