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    Hole wizard

    G. G.


      Im new to solid works and am having trouble getting the desired dimensions. I don't understand how to get the H in M6X1.0-6H depth 8. I will attach images of what i need and what i can only get.


      This is what i get how do i get the depth and what does the ''H" signify?slw3.JPG


      A few attempts but no success. I would appreciate any help.

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          Rick McDonald

          I hardly use metric threads so had to look it up but here is a good chart for a reference (you can do a google search for Metric threads and get lots of different informaiton - I usually look for charts like this - they are easier to get the information you want - then make a Saved link/ copy/ printout or screen image so you have it if you need it in the future.


          The 6H is the class for an "Internal Thread"

          The class designations are not usually displayed in the thread designation in SWX by default. You will have to edit the thread call-out if you want this displayed.