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Is there a way to accept a current dimension without it selecting stuff behind it?

Question asked by Steven Mills on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by William Irvine

When I'm dimensioning inside a sketch, SW has a bad habit of selecting stuff behind it when I'm trying to stop/accept the dimension. Especially in 3D sketchs as SoldWorks tries to dimension from whatever face of a part I'm near. Is there some command that I don't know about to just accept what is currently dimensioned?


Not sure if I'm saying this well, so let me do a couple of examples.


1. I select a line, then click off the line to accept it, but it selects another edge instead.

2. In a 3D sketch, I put a dimension on a line and then click off of it to accept it. But it keeps trying to make a new dimension to the part face I'm in front of instead.