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Can a macro modifiy values on the custom tab of part/assembly custom property

Question asked by Nishanthan Sivapalan on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Michael Dekoning

I have parts that have custom properties which are in the  "configuration specific" tab. I want to be able to copy these values from the "Configuration Specific" tab into the "Custom" tab. I have been looking into writing macros as I am just starting out but all the examples that I looked at calls for the specific configurations to be active and to write to them. is there a method or sub that lets me write to the "custom" tab?. I want to be able to loop this so it runs for all the files in my design library.


As to the why, this mainly pertains to library parts (CAD I get from suppliers). I took a shortcut when applying custom properties for all these files by Using a BOM in an assembly and having that table write the custom property. What I noticed though is that they write to the "Configuration Specific" Tab for each part. This used to be fine for my purposes of creating a BOM for each project because Solidworks's BOM table would look into "Custom Property" info first and if nothing is present look into "custom" tab for info on each file. However, now that I'm getting into SolidWorks EPDM and Solidworks Composer I understand that its either one or the other.  Specially in composer,  The BOM table created in composer would have blanks because it wouldn't look for information in the "Custom" Tab when I tell it to use a specific custom property.


Any help or suggestions on what I could do differently would be greatly appreciated.